LMS.at - Lernen mit System: A systematic learning approach

You are looking for support for tackling the new educational challenges of the past few years, such as competency-oriented teaching, transparent assessment, team teaching, e-learning, PISA or new forms of examination?

Austria's most widely used e-learning platform LMS.at offers students self-learning resources for core subject topics as well as tools for independent learning organisation. With Austria's unique learning information system, teachers and school administration can design lessons in a more effective and efficient way. LMS.at makes didactical tools such as authoring infrastructures, libraries, electronic exams and (competency-oriented) assessment available to different school communities in their own, adaptable environments. These tools provide for systematically supported educational work, putting learning at the centre.

Organisations which trust LMS.at: Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture, educational network Bildungsnetzwerk Burgenland, Regional Education Board for Lower Austria, Federal Institute for Education Research, Innovation and Development of the Austrian School System (BIFIE), Microsoft Austria, and many more.

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