Educanext: E-Learning in a matter of minutes

Have you lost track of your training and development documents a long time ago? Is your intranet bursting at the seams with content competing for attention? Or are you just planning to convert your countless files into compact digibooks and reap the benefits of digitisation?

We at Knowledge Markets help you overcome these challenges and developed Educanext specifically for this purpose.


  • Create high quality content in a cost-effective manner and without any programming skills.
  • Convert books, teaching and learning resources as well as presentations at the push of a button into responsive HTML5 content and supplement them with compelling, interactive and multimedia elements.
  • Publish your e-learning on your intranet, digital bookshelf or for your LMS - with just a single click.


How can you and your clients profit from Educanext?


As publishers, academies, training institutes and professionals working in the field of continuing education

  • Allows an easy adoption of the existing design and layout
  • Future-oriented technical solution based on state-of-the-art standards – no flash!
  • Creates new revenue streams
  • Limits the creation efforts for digital content
  • Enables a clear focus on the didactic preparation of your content

As trainers, teachers and knowledge providers

  • Continuous available learning resources
  • Uniform operability of all files
  • Optimal support of the knowledge transfer by integrating interactive multimedia elements

As consumers of knowledge resources

  • The content is mobile and can be accessed at any time – at home, in the office or when using public transport
  • The content is well-organized and integrated into relevant platforms – no more paper chaos
  • Interactive multimedia content increases motivation and knowledge transfer up to 100 % (Haettie 2008)