You want to know how your organisation is perceived by internal and external clients? You want to measure and control service quality which is a key factor for your organisation's success?

Learn more about your organisation's service quality, an indicator and key success factor for customer satisfaction. Together with our partners we act as full service providers in evaluation projects. We offer consulting services as well as adaptation support and personal assistance during the whole process from selecting key figures, implementing questionnaires, analysing results through to the planning of further measures.

We support you in evaluating expectations and measuring customer, supplier and employee satisfaction.

What we can do for you:

  • Preparation of a questionnaire for analysing service quality with KM's 10 step method
  • Configuration of your own survey area on, specifically tailored to your needs
  • Comprehensive technical and content-based pre-testing with representatives from the target group
  • Survey conducting as well as communication and coordination
  • Preparation and presentation of results

Your benefits:

  • Well-grounded insights into the current status of your customer support services
  • Fixed points for localising organisational (internal) and customer (external) attitudes
  • Tailored suggestions for an action plan
  • New concepts and best practises of other companies and service organisations
  • Start immediately and initiate specific improvement measures
  • Increased success outlook of your improvement measures
  • Well-grounded basis for determining further measures and processes
  • Validated quality measurement tool and key figures for your future processes

Customers and partners who trust us: ARA, BWin.Party, Evonis, Resag, Volksbank International, Weinberger Biletti, and many more.

Please contact us and learn how service can increase your success and how you can measure and control service quality.